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Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer company for CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION and LEGALIZATION OF DOCUMENTS. We are serving our clients of attestation from 7 years. It is handled by experienced, qualified and professional working staff to render premium, potent, cost-effective and reliable services, truly unmatched by others. We ensure 100 percent data security and genuine attestation of all the documents and certificates at economical rates and deliver services on promised time. 

It  is a preeminent business organization attending to all the attestation/apostille requirements  administering multiple tasks related to attestation /apostille and legalization of public documents whether educational, non educational or commercial by the different authorities of Indian government such as HRD, MEA and Embassies.

We provide certificate attestation for many embassies like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Algeria, Yemen, USA, Australia, Canada, Czech, Britain, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, Rome, Russia, Poland, Norway, Greece, Netherlands, Israel, Ireland, Iraq, Hungary, etc. from assorted Indian authorities like GAD, HRD, NOTARY, State Home Department, SDM, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 

we also offer Apostille from Ministry of External Affair. We are the leaders in the channel of certificate attestation services. We have earned loyalty and trust of millions of our clients who regularly deal with us for their requisite of certificate Attestation and Apostille.

 Superb Enterprises with its presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Kerala is contributing to make apostille/attestation services accessible.  The Head Office is situated in New Friends Colony, Delhi. The association is authorized for Embassy of UAE, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and all the other Embassies for the attestation of Educational, Non-Educational and Commercial certificates. 


Attestation is a legalization of document done in the native country where the certificate/document initiated. The process will start with STATE AUTHORITY-MEA-EMBASSY ATTESTATION of the concerned country. Superb Enterprises offers accelerated legalization services to certify documents from the various Embassies. A professional organization specializing in global expedited verification of documents for international use.
Sending documents internationally can be an arduous and time engrossing process and thus a waste of money if not done accurately. It is significant to hand over your documents for Apostille or legalization to an experienced professional. We provide consulting and services to access official government certification of personal, public and business documents from the different Embassies.
Attestation of Personal, Educational and commercial documents is the act of attending a certificate by recognized authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also certifies that, the stated certificate has been issued by that quoted department and Seal and signature on that particular certificate is authentic. There are three type of attestation procedure: 
1)      For Educational Documents: State Education Department + MEA+ Embassy 

2)      For Non-Educational Documents: State Home Department +from MEA+ Embassy

3)      For Commercial Documents: Chamber of Commerce +MEA+ Embassy

 An apostille is a sticker that validates the personal, educational or commercial document. Apostille can only be issued for documents listed in one country party of the Hague convention and that are to be used in another country which is also a party of the Hague convention. Substantially, Apostille is an international attestation that is ac-knowledgeable in about more than 145 countries, and most of the western world countries recognize Apostille. Apostille procedure is needed when a person is asked for legalization of his document by a Hague member country.

Attestation/Apostille from MEA can be executed after attestation is done from relevant state authorities. For Example in case of Educational Documents, document has to be attested from concerned state Education Department (HRD/GAD) prior to MEA attestation. In case of personal documents, document demands to be attested from concerned State Home Department prior to MEA attestation. For the list of countries that require apostille, please refer to the following link:
India became member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 which abolished the requirement of legalization of public documents. Apostille stickers will be issued on documents like birth, death, affidavits, power of attorneys, marriage, etc. and educational documents. There are three type of apostille procedure:

1) For Educational Documents: State Education Department + Apostille from MEA 

2) For Non-Educational Documents: State Home Department + Apostille from MEA

3) For Commercial Documents: Chamber of Commerce + Apostille from MEA

Documents can be divided into three categories for Attestation & Apostille:

1. Educational Documents -
Degree Certificate
Pre Degree Certificate
BE Certificate
Diploma Certificate
Nursing Certificate
Mark sheet
SSC Certificate
HSC Certificate
Inter Certificate
MBBS Certificate
Dentists Certificate
Engineering Certificate
Transcript Certificate
Nursing Degree Certificate
Nursing Registration Certificate
Pharmacy Certificate
B.Ed Certificate
MS Certificate
MD Certificate
B Tech. Certificate

2. Non-Educational Documents -

Marriage Certificate
Birth Certificate
Leaving Certificate
Police Clearance
Registration Certificate
Power of Attorney Certificate
Marriage Affidavit Certificate
Bona-fide Certificate
Medical Certificate

3. Commercial Documents –

Export Invoice
Packaging list
Power of Attorney
Certificate of Origin
Certificate of incorporation
Chemical analysis report
Physical analysis report


When it comes to your precious documents attestation being promptly and victoriously completed, your choice should be Superb Enterprises. We are India’s leading and well equipped group of professionals in document Authentication, Apostille and Legalization. Our efficient technology and dedicated staff enables us to give your documents the quick required attention, providing you an advantage by-

 Service beyond Expectation. 

Reliable and transparent execution of services.

100 percent data security.

Complete package solution for all attestation/apostille jobs.

Dedicated and professionally trained staff.

Faithful working.

Commitment to customer’s satisfaction.

Helping to ensure your documents meet the requirements. 

Free help & advice by our staff that have first-hand experience in document legalization's.

Address : 100 G, LGF 8A, Milap Building, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, ITO, New Delhi -110002 (INDIA)

Phone :
+91-11-41855999, 23355999
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