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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Are you looking for Saudi attestation for degree certificates in Hyderabad?

Saudi Arabia is the largest country located in the Middle East. It is the world's largest producer and exporter of petroleum. It is an absolute monarchy and is governed by strict Islamic law. The capital city is Riyadh. It shares borders with Iraq and Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Expatriates consist of about one third of the population. Indians form the largest expatriate population and are employed in petroleum, healthcare, technology, retail and almost all the industries respectively. Embassy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has laid down a specific Saudi embassy attestation for Indian origin documents respectively.

Saudi certificate attestation

Certificate attestation for Saudi visa includes educational, personal and commercial certificates respectively. For educational certificates, first the documents are subjected to HRD attestation procedure for Saudi of the respective state, followed by MEA attestation for Saudi. Next, there is Saudi culture attestation and finally, Saudi embassy attestation takes place. For personal certificates, first there is State Home Department attestation, followed by MEA attestation for Saudi. In the end, documents attestation from Saudi embassy takes place on original and translated certificates. Regarding commercial certificates, first there is Saudi chamber of commerce attestation. After that, MEA attestation for Saudi happens and ending with Saudi embassy attestation.

Degree attestation for Saudi

Degree certificate attestation for Saudi has a matching process to educational certificate attestation. There are certain mandatory requirements to be fulfilled with respect to the certificates, for degree attestation process for Saudi Arabia. 

  The certificate has to be submitted initially to an approved agency for legalization, before sending it to Saudi culture ministry for degree attestation from Saudi culture.
  Saudi culture degree attestation does not permit open / correspondence / private courses.
  Saudi degree attestation requires original certificate and passport copy.
  Attestation of degree certificate for Saudi includes submitting PAN card copy.

Personal certificates attestation for Saudi Arabia

The main supporting documents which require to be furnished for personal certificates attestation are described as follows.
  Original and translated certificates.
  Passport copy.
The maximum time required to complete the process is ten working days.

Commercial certificates attestation for Saudi Arabia
The main supporting documents which require to be furnished for commercial certificates attestation are described as follows.

  Covering letter on the company head.
  Copy of the passport of the required authorized person.

The maximum time required to complete the process is ten working days.

It is always recommended to take the services of an authorized agency for attestation from Saudi embassy, to avoid fraud and inconvenience. SEPL is a leader in Saudi attestation in Hyderabad providing affordable and speedy Saudi attestation services, to all prospective candidates. They specialize in Saudi attestation for degree certificates. They provide both offline and online services and have a dedicated customer care to resolve all queries and also assist in HRD attestation procedure for Saudi, for educational certificates.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

HRD Certificate Attestation for Saudi

Hey Guys! Here we are today to discuss about HRD Attestation for Saudi administrative services provided by one and only Superb Enterprises Private Limited. The question which is often raised that why do we need specifically HRD Attestation for Saudi and what purpose does it serve? Today we are here only to answer you these questions. Today in this blog we are going to have a discussion on procedure of Indian HRD Attestation for Saudi and why is it required for Saudi.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia

Hello peeps! How are you? We are back again with yet another interesting blog Post to explore on Degree Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Embassy Attestation has to be obtained for your certificates if you are planning to do job in Saudi or settle there. As you are already aware about the Saudi Attestation for degree certificates services offered at Superb Enterprises Private Limited but today we are precisely going to talk about Educational Degree Attestation for Saudi Arabia. SEPL provides genuine Certificate Attestation services as we are authorized by Saudi Embassy’s Cultural Attaché, New Delhi. 

If you are looking forward to get Degree Attestation from Saudi Embassy, then this write up is for you. For Saudi Embassy Degree Attestation procedure to be completed successfully, your certificate or document necessarily requires to bear initial respective State Education Department- HRD Attestation for Saudi and Saudi Cultural Attestation from Cultural Division of Embassy. We assist in Certificate Attestationfor Saudi Arabia for all Indian Educational Certificates like PG Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Mark sheet, SSC Certificate, HSC Certificate, MBBS Certificate, Engineering Certificate, Transcript Certificate, Nursing Degree Certificate,  B.Ed Certificate, MD Certificate, B Tech. Certificate, B.Com Certificate, BA Certificate, BBA Certificate, BCA Certificate, CA Certificate, M. Tech Certificate, M. Com Certificate, M. Ed Certificate, M. Sc Certificate, MA Certificate, MBA Certificate, Medical Certificate, Training Certificate, High School Certificate. Intermediate Certificate, CBSE Certificate, VHSE Certificate, Transfer Certificate, PHD Certificate, Passing Certificate, Provisional Certificate, Online Degree Certificate, Distance Education Certificate, Management Degree Certificate, National Trade Certificate, AMIE Certificate, Internship’ Diploma Certificate (affiliated to UGC), etc.

Following is the checklist to be followed while heading for Saudi Culture Attestation:
1)     Original Degree (It must be authenticated by the State HRD/GAD)
2)     Original Job Offer Letter/Experience Letter (It must first be attested by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce & MOFA. Please note that the Job Offer has a maximum validity period of 6 months from the date of attestation by MOFA).
3)     For already working candidates:  bonafied having chamber stamp with 6 months validity
4)     Passport Copy (both front and back pages which indicate personal particulars,  name of parents, spouse and address)
5)     Color Iqama copy (if already working in Saudi Arabia)
6)     Contact Details of Candidate
             i).   Contact Number:-
             ii). E-Mail ID :-
7)     Contact Details of Employer 
             i).   Contact Number:-
            ii).  E-Mail ID :-
8)     Affidavit: - if candidate is in INDIA then it should be on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.
10/- or more and executed before a Notary Public. 
9)     Affidavit:- If Candidate is in Saudi Arabia and currently working, then it can be done on a plain paper but must be attested from Indian Embassy or Consulate
10) Visa copy 
11)   Pan Card / Adhaar Card

Degree Certificate Attestation Services for Saudi Embassy

Hey Guys! Hello. What’s up? Here we are back again to explore and talk about various Attestation Services provided by one and only Superb Enterprises Private Limited. Today in this blog post we are going to have a discussion on Certificate Attestation for Saudi procedure and services provided. SEPL has its branches across India to facilitate Saudi Attestation in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jalandhar-Punjab, Bangalore-Karnataka, Pune-Maharashtra, Kochi-Kerala, Hyderabad-Telangana, Trivandrum-Kerala, Mumbai-Maharashtra, Goa and Dubai- UAE. We assist you to generate Non-Educational Personal, Commercial and Educational Degree Attestation from Saudi Embassy, New Delhi. So we are going to talk briefly about all the three types of certificates one by one.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Degree Culture Attestation Services for Saudi Embassy

Saudi Embassy Attestation is required when certain certificates require legalization from Saudi consular to be used in Saudi Arabia. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi, has authorized Superb Enterprises Private Limited (SEPL) with administrative work of Saudi Attestation of Indian documents and Visa Applications by the Embassy and its Consulate. SEPL work as an approved Agency on behalf of Saudi Embassy to collect, scrutinize and deposit all types of documents for Saudi Certificate Attestation. SEPL renders services for Non-Educational, Commercial and Educational Degree Attestation from Saudi Embassy and submission of applications for Family visit visa, Business visa and employment visa etc.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saudi Embassy Certificate Attestation Services

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization for providing Saudi Arabia Document Attestation and Legalization of Certificates. We are serving our clients of Attestation from 7 years. We are the influential provider in the channel of Document Attestation Services. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has authorized us to collect the Documents for carrying out the general and Saudi Culture Attestation Services. We have earned trustworthiness and confidence of our clients who regularly deal with us for their requisite of Certificate Attestation and Apostille.