Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tips to avoid the Hassles Involved in Attesting Certificates

Nowadays many people from India go to overseas countries like UAE for many purposes like employment, family relocation, setting up businesses, education etc. For issuing any kind of visa for Indian nationals, the UAE Embassy authorities require attestation of their certificates like birth, SSC, marriage, degree etc.  As per the rules and regulations of attestation of documents for UAE. If you have gone abroad earlier or if you have applied for visa yourself, then you will be aware of the hassles involved in attesting certificates. The below points will assist you greatly in avoiding hassles involved in attesting certificates.

1. Choose a genuine attestation service provider

The first point which you must remember is that you must always choose an authentic company which will do the attestation of your certificates. Attestation basically means that the information mentioned on your documents is verified by the competent authorities and the certificate becomes legal. To give you an example , in India the Ministry of External Affairs will verify your birth certificate contents and apply their signature and seal on them for it to be used . False attestation can lead to visa rejection and permanent assistance from applying for UAE visa. So always choose a trustworthy company with a solid track record in providing attestation services for number of years. The company must be accessible at all times by email, fax, in person etc. If possible, they should have specialized services for different kinds of attestation like marriage certificate attestation services etc. The company must have facilities for you to track your documents online after you submit your papers with them. The agency must have many branches and there should be an excellent customer care service to guide you.

2. Utilize your connections in HRD / Home Department/Chamber of Commerce departments

If you are doing attestation on your own, then always avail the services of any friends or contacts for acquiring HRD / Chamber of Commerce / Home Department attestation services quickly and with less expenses. HRD attestation is mandatory for educational certificates attestation, Chamber of Commerce and Home Department attestation is compulsory for commercial and personal certificates respectively. These processes often take weeks and months because of the cumbersome bureaucratic procedures involved.

3. Utilize your influence in MEA and the Embassy

To speed up the processing of your case, always take the help of any contacts which you have in the MEA or the UAE Embassy for example. Due to the high number of applications, both MEA and UAE Embassy always take a lot of time for processing including Ministry of Foreign Affairs

4. Documentation should be perfect and fulfil the exact criteria

Cross check twice or thrice with the exact documentation required for the visa process before submitting the papers. For example ensure that your degree must be attested from the HRD of the Indian state from where you passed out your degree along with passport copies and photos with a white background while applying for UAE visa. Incomplete applications will lead to rejection and loss of time and money.

5. Avail online attestation processes if applicable

Check if the country where you are applying has a provision for online attestation. Some countries allow digital signatures from the concerned HRD, Embassy authorities etc. You can avoid the inconvenience of travelling and taking appointments if you get digital signatures. Also, check if the embassy you are applying to accepts payments by credit/debit card. Therefore, you can avoid wasting your money and time in making demand drafts/ MO from the bank and post office respectively.

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