Thursday, June 25, 2015

Attestation & Apostille Services in Delhi


Apostille is used to authenticate the document for global or international recognition. Apostille services or attestation can be done on educational, non educational and commercial documents. In simple words, Apostille is a 9x9 inch sticker pasted on the document to validate the authenticity of the document so that it can be accepted in the Hague Convention countries.

 The public documents are the administrative documents and documents issued by notary public and state court. The Hague conference has currently 80 Members. Apostille is accepted in the Hague Convention Countries for the Personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, adoption deed, leaving certificate, PCC, Registration certificate, Bonafied Certificate etc., Educational Certificates like Degree certificate, mark sheet, Diploma, SSC, HSC, Transfer Certificate, Transcript etc and commercial documents like certificate of Origin, Certificate of Incorporation, Invoices, Packaging List, Special certificates, Memorandum of Association, POA etc.

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